Jungle Adventures Summer Camp

Welcome campers! For over 25 years the Jungle Club has prided itself on providing fun, youth-oriented camps for children between the ages of 6-12 throughout the Indian River County and Treasure Coast. At the Jungle Adventures Summer Camp, every camper will enjoy an experience filled with fun, fitness and friendships! We believe the Jungle Adventures Summer Camp distinguishes itself from other area camps in the quality of programming, the experience and enthusiasm of the counselors, and the wide variety of choices we offer. What other camp can boast that you receive professional swim and tennis instruction everyday?

What really makes the Jungle Adventures Camp great is you! Every summer we have the pleasure of hosting upwards of 175 campers who become part of the Jungle Club family. We are proud to have made a positive impact of thousands of local youths and love to hear the stories of their favorite camp memories. Whether you have been coming to the Jungle Adventures Camp for years or if this is your first summer joining us, we welcome you. We are all looking forward to seeing you at camp in 2018!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my child need a physical?

No, an actual physical is NOT needed.  However on our registration form we ask that you list all medications, allergies and medical conditions your child may have. We also ask that you include the physician/pediatrician contact information.

What should my child bring to camp?

Campers should wear comfortable clothes including:

  • T-shirts 
  • Shorts
  • Sneakers

We will be doing physical activities throughout the day. Campers should come applied with Sun Block/Sunscreen on and bring a bottle with them so they can reapply when needed.

For swim lessons campers will need:

  • A Bathing Suit
  • Towel
  • Goggles

For tennis lessons campers need:

  • Tennis Racket
  • Sneakers

A water bottle should always be available to stay hydrated through the day.  Campers will need a bagged lunch (unless purchasing one with us) and snack money ($2/day should be plenty).  Please leave electronics at home including cell phones, iPods, and tablets.  We are not liable for lost or stolen items at camp.  Most importantly campers should bring a great attitude and smile each day.

Do I need to sign my child in and out of camp?

Yes.  Children need to be signed in each day as attendance will be taken at the start of camp.     Children also need to be signed out of camp when they are picked up so we can account for who is at camp and who is not.  Our registration form        provides space for additional adults who have     authorization to pick up your child.  If this needs to be changed at any time, a written note signed by the parent MUST be sent in indicating the change.  We encourage all parents to call the Jungle Club or email the Camp Director if your child is going to be absent from camp.

What about medications?

Prescription and over the counter medications will not be administered at camp.  A parent should administer these medications either before camp or stop by during lunchtime.

I need to drop off/pick up my camper earlier/later

Extended Camp Care is an addition to Camp and provides before and after camp care.  Drop off is available at 7am and Pick up is before 6pm.  Extended Camp Care is not part of the camp day with regards to organized games and activities.  Staff will be on site to monitor     campers before the camp day starts or as they await a pickup.  Be advised this is a camper driven    program.  Campers will have the choice of playing board games, card games, reading a book or just     relaxing with friends before or   after camp.  Staff will provide a safe, positive   environment for your children and are always eager to join in a game but they will not be       organizing a group activity.


Note:  Campers MUST be pre-registered for extended camp care, as Staff are not scheduled to work before or after care unless it is needed.  Forms are included in this   Registration packet.  Let the Director know you need extended care by Friday of the    following week care is needed.

If it rains what happens to camp?

We are in Florida during the summertime and yes it will most likely rain at some point during most days.  We will hold activities inside.  The Jungle Club     provides several options for indoor play and activities.

My child will be 6 years old in September; Can he/she attend camp this year?

Yes.  Your child must be turning six by December 31, 2018 and attending first grade in the Fall to   attend Summer Camp unless there is permission by the Camp Director.

How do I get the Jungle Club Camp Discount?

Very easy, register and pay 50% of your camp fees by April 30th.  You can either pay in full at time of registration, or pay a 50% deposit at time of       registration to reserve your space.  The remaining balance after deposit is due by May 25th. If you are a member of the Jungle Club you are exempt from paying the one-time registration fee of $35.

Note:  If remaining balance is not paid in full by May 25th, your space is still reserved until the first day of camp (May 29), although you no longer qualify for the Early Registration Fees.  After the first day of camp (May 29), your space will no longer be reserved. 


Starting April 30th, the camp fees will increase, so do not hesitate to register for camp early!

Should my child be able to swim to attend camp?

Yes.  Even though your child will get over 2 hours of weekly of swim lessons.  We advise that your child has at least “beginner” level swimming        abilities to attend camp since we will be in our          recreational pool frequently over the summer.  We recommend you sign up for swimming lessons prior to the start of camp so your child will be able to   enjoy their camp experience. You can email our Aquatics Director Gavin at gavinross23@gmail.com for information on lessons.

What is a sample daily schedule?

8am– Campers Arrive

8am– Welcome/Attendance/Free Play Activities

9am- Large Group Activity

10am– Swim Lesson (by age groups); Art Project (by age groups); Themed Activity

11:30am– Open Recreation

Noon– Lunch

12:45pm– Prepare for Afternoon Activities

1pm– Recreational Swim; Arena Free Play; Team Sport

2:30pm– Camp Activity (Age Groups)

3pm– Tennis Lessons (by age groups); Free Play      Activities (by age groups); Snack (by age groups)

4pm– Arena Games/Indoor Free Play

5pm– Parent Pickup

Summer Camp Fees and Themes