Pickleball indoors and under the lights at the newly improved Jungle Club Arena!

Over the summer we made some big improvements to the Jungle Club arena to make it a fantastic pickleball facility.  The changes we made will keep the arena floor dry even in heavy rains and yet allow a cooling breeze.  The roof has been coated with an insulating material and when combined with our big fans, the arena is nice and cool even on the hottest days.


We are welcoming back our regulars from last season and some new faces as well.  These are open sessions so anyone who wants to play is welcome, even if you’ve never played before. Come out and enjoy this great racquet sport that’s a cross between ping-pong and tennis.  We have 6 lighted indoor courts that have a knee and leg friendly rubberized surface.  And, because it’s indoors, we play if it’s raining, blowing up a storm or if the sun is pounding down.


We have open play Mon, Wed and Fri mornings 9:00am to 12:00pm, no reservation needed, just show up and join in, everyone is welcome.  If you like, we can pair you up with people of like ability and even supply you with a racquet and ball if you don’t have one yet.  If you’ve never played before, we’ll show you how and get you up to speed so you can join in with our regulars in no time at all.  $5 per session, $4 for Jungle Club members.


We also offer lessons by a pickleball professional for any level player interested in increasing the consistency of their play.


The entrance to the arena and the pickleball courts is behind the main building with plenty of parking just outside the door.

For more information:    JCpickleball@comcast.net

or call Gary at:  (248) 515-2040

Download Pickleball Registration Form