Meet our Tennis Director

Gerry Berkheimer, USPTA Director of Tennis at the Jungle Club


  1. 22 years as Tennis Director at the Jungle Club.
  2. 29 years as Tennis Director at clubs and resorts in Florida, Texas, and Michigan.
  3. 7 seasons as Head Pro at indoor facilities in Indiana and Kentucky.
  4. 18 summers as Tennis Director at summer junior camps in Maine and New York.
  5. 5 years coaching Division 1 tennis at the University of Kentucky.
  6. Worked with over 15 top 300 players in the world across 35 years and 1 top 30 player-Susan Sloane.
  7. USPTA ranking-#1-Elite Pro for 31 years.
  8. Speaker at the USPTA convention 2003.
  9. USTA clinician with Nick Bolletieri, Vic Braden, and Dennis Van de Meer.
  10. Over 28,000 kids and 13,000 adults trained in 42 years.



  1. 51 years as a player.
  2. #1-Tennessee High School in Bristol, Tennessee-1969-1973
  3. #1-Carson-Newman College-JeffersonCity, Tennessee-1973-1977
  4. Collegiate All-American in singles and doubles.
  5. 1 & ½ years on the Satellite Pro Circuit.
  6. #2-Florida 25’s singles-1986.
  7. National Finalist 35’s singles in St. Louis-1990
  8. #1 Open Division singles in Kentucky-1990 & 1991
  9. Won the 1st King of the Hill Open Division tournament at Timber Ridge in 1996.
  10. Won USPTA Doubles at Sawgrass-2002, Ibis-2003, and Ormond Beach-2003
  11. Ranked #1 in Florida 45’s in 2002.
  12. Played local Vero Beach Tennis Club Exhibitions from 1992-2014.
  13. Won 339 playing trophies and awards.




  1. Owner of Berkheimer’s Tennis Services from 1987-2005-Managing, Consulting, and Pro Placement.
  2. Have run over 250 tournaments including one for $5,000 and one for $8,000.
  3. National T.V. debut with Vic Braden and 3 ½ year old tennis prodigy in Dearborn, Michigan, in 1981.
  4. Wrote 19 National and Sectional tennis articles.
  5. Ran 2-24 hour Tennis Marathons for Charity…..and, yes, I was in them both the entire time……:)
  6. Hold Triple Doctorate in Tennis-Managing, Teaching, and Playing.
  7. Instructed inmates at a medium security prison in Lexington, Kentucky-1990
  8. Taught a blind music studio owner to hit tennis strokes in Lexington, Kentucky-1991
  9. A 29 gallon blood donor.
  10.  Started a Crisis Center my junior year in high school and worked it through college. 1972-1977.
  11. 3 years with Foster Care in Lexington, Kentucky. 1989-1991. Had one F.C. child for a year.
  12. 18 years with Youth Guidance mentoring kids in Vero Beach, Florida. 1997-2015

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