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Train with us

Explore new ways to challenge yourself with the right balance of training and motivation.

Work Out

With over 100 exercise machines and all the free weights you can imagine, there is no better place to work out than the Jungle Club.

Group Fitness

We offer many different group fitness classes led by great instructors. Check out the schedule to see more information!


The Jungle Club of Vero Beach has made a major commitment towards our goal of becoming a medically integrated fitness facility dedicated to providing support and solutions for ALL fitness levels.


With the development of our Wellness Center, Jungle Club members have the ready access to everything needed to maintain and improve health.


The Jungle Club’s Wellness Center provides:Physical Therapy, Chiropractic Care and Skin Care all under one roof.

Gym gallery

Take a look at our site including fitness classes, equipment and facilities. Join us today!

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